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The team at GPM Enterprises has over 50 years of experience providing our customers with Sales, Service and Testing of McCrometer Flow Meters.

Our services also include sales of Sparling, Seametrics, Master Meter, Fuji Electric, Phase II, P&R Surge Valves and Waterman Meters.


We have also expanded our service offerings to include repair of all the major meter brands. Service always includes a certified test using our NIST Certified Test Lab.


Need Parts? We have you covered there as well.​ 

Our Services


​- Prop, Mag, Turbine & Ultrasonic Meter    Sales

- Meter Parts and Repair Kit Sales

- Service Center for all meter brands

- Certified Testing of all meter brands

- Courteous Customer Support 

- Knowledgeable Technical Support

About Us


Steven Driewer



Steven has been involved in flow meter sales and service 

since 1989, covering the South, South East and Eastern

United States.

Aaron Anderson

Operations Manager

Aaron has six years of experience in meter repair, testing and calibration.  

Dean Bamesberger

Service Technician

Dean joined us in Nov. 2023. He brings 13 years experience of meter repair, prop testing and meter assembly.  




8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


GPM Enterprises​​​​

115 South 16th Street.

Aurora, NE 68818


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